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Zsuzsi Kálcza

Zsuzsi Kálcza

Instagram: @zsuzsikalcza

What's your Instagram account about?

Health, wellbeing and being a mum.

What Do You Do for a Living?

I work part-time at our CrossFit box, and I'm building my health and wellness business on the side.

Why Are You on Instagram? Business or Pleasure?

I first started using it for pleasure and then I realised its potential for growing my business. As I have a lifestyle business this is a great way for me to connect with people, share my takes on health, wellbeing, and motherhood while running a business. 

How Much Time Do You Spend on Instagram/day (on average)?

A couple of hours a day for sure. This includes posting, messaging, and other engagement with people.

Best and Worse of Instagram? 

The best thing about Instagram is that it's so visual. I love seeing and posting pictures that really show the person behind that account. The hashtags are a super tool to grow your audience and connect with the right people. Unfortunately, the posts can also be misleading and show a false reality because we want to post perfectly shot images, featuring a perfectly lived life. This whole "beautification" of our lives can have a negative impact on people, it can make people feel worse about themselves. To me, it's about staying true to myself and share my life as it is with all the ups and downs.

Your Most Important Instagram Tip?

Find your voice. Does that post sound something like you'd say in real life? If no, then don't bother. Your friends and followers can connect with you more if you show yourself the way you are. Instagram is a social media platform, so be social, like if it was a real face to face conversation.

Lola Sánchez-Spain

Lola Sánchez-Spain