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Yulia Ka-Canada

Yulia Ka-Canada

Instagram: @fancyplate


Health, Food & Fitness: Is It a Trend? 

Health and food awareness is definitely a thing lately. It makes me feel good that more and more people become knowledgeable about food and what's good for them. Keto, Paleo, Whole30 diets are less of a diet now, it's a lifestyle. It is not just starving yourself or eating the same product on a daily basis. New diets are about eating well, choosing fresh food over processed and avoiding stuff that is bad for us, like sugar, artificial sugars, wheat and some other grains, canola and palm oil, etc. It is definitely a trend but I don't think it'll go out of style. 

What Do You Do For a Living? 

Online Retail Business.

What's That One Thing You Do Or Food You Eat To Make You Feel Better During A Working Day? 

Baked cheese snacks and/or raspberries :)

Do You Take Any Vitamins/Supplements/Super Foods?

The only supplement I take is fish oil. The rest of vitamins and minerals I try to get them from the fresh food I eat.

What's Your Fitness/Training Routine? How Many Days/Week Do You Exercise? 

I exercise only twice a week. Unfortunately, I don't have time for more but I do go salsa dancing and walking in the park on the weekends. It helps me recharge for the week.

Sara Pinto-Germany

Sara Pinto-Germany