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Meet the editor

Meet the editor

Meet the editor

Zoëy Tsopela, PR & Marketing Manager @ UXUS interviewing Sofia Simeonidou, Editor @ new stardom.

What is it I don’t know about you? 
I often fail to check the weather report before leaving the house.
Once upon a time, I lived with 7 people in a 60m² flat. I can focus on the big picture. And I’m good at skimming texts.

Random challenges? 
Stairs give me instant vertigo. I need to concentrate when going up the stairs or I’ll fall. Convincing the extroverts around me that I’m actually an introvert is another one.

Good things, not so good things?
I don’t like flash in my camera. The only thing I ever photographed with a flash was a fruit bowl.
I have a good set of teeth and a slight lisp. I’m glad I didn’t have to visit a logo-therapist when I was a kid. My parents probably didn’t even think about it back then. So I kept the lisp.

How do you know you are on the right track?
I don’t. In moments of self-doubt, I run.

What about new stardom?
I love random stories. Who you are or where you are. I want people to be able to imagine the rest, the where you are heading. I don’t care much about the idea or product. I care about people jumping on their feet. I get very excited with excitement.

Why is it different?
It’s random and easy to read. The idea came to me one morning on the way to work. I read 2-3 articles/interviews about successful people. It was too much text and too much success. So I thought of writing about something that you can read fast and still be fresh, fun and real. I handpick everyone for now. I want to keep it real. And people can still scan the text on their way to work. And get inspired.

Is it because you like writing? Or you like the project part of it?
Both. I don’t follow any content writing rules but I write as long as I can remember; mainly papers for the university, work texts, comms. I’m a content queen. For the project part, I love generating ideas and put them into practice. I like it when they work but I’m also fine when they don’t. There’s a secret there.

SSi: And how do you understand new stardom?
ZT: One word. “Reinvention”.
Constantly evolving, moving, redefining yourself. More like a perennial self- progression. A calm self-progression though. What else can survive, excite and stay relevant in an age of so much noise and self-expression?


Zoëy is a PR natural with a crazy fear of heights. To compensate, she has a terrible habit of challenging fears (risking a stroke), including zip lining through Costa Rican jungles, riding gravity-defying roller-coasters, climbing, and living life on her own terms.

Who Are You Selling To?

Who Are You Selling To?