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I on Image

I on Image

Jenni Ryynänen

Business Story

November 2017 | Sofia Simeonidou

Jenni is a grounded person. A sunny grounded person. She knows where she's going and she knows why she's going there. She wants to help people go where they wish to go in style. And she can make sense out of your closet. 

Who are you?

I’m Finnish, I’m the mother of 2 boys, and I live in the Netherlands since 2003.

What is it that you do?

I’m the person behind I on Image. I do image consulting, personal shopping, and wardrobe analysis. This last one means I go to peoples’ houses and see what value they can get out of their existing wardrobe without having to buy too many new clothes. Overconsumption is a big issue in this world and I’m very conscious of it in my work.

Why do we keep on buying, and in this case, why do we keep on buying clothes?

Media comes to you with this message of constant pressure that you need to have more, in order to be more. And you feel the need to constantly reinvent yourself. And so you buy more because you’re not confident in your style. Peoples’ lives change, you change jobs, you change environments, you need to play new roles and then suddenly you feel lost. And by consuming you might feel you reinvent yourself but the truth is it’s all about finding your identity and be comfortable with who you are. Only then you can project who you really are and communicate your message. That’s style. 

So it’s not really about fashion, is it?

Fashion is something that changes several times a year. Now the cycle is as fast as two months. Your style is a product of your personal evolution. The older you get the more you establish yourself, the more you know who you are. You go with who you are. And that’s also how I work with my clients. There's a lot of soul-searching during this process, besides the practical evaluation of colours or body types. 

How do you redefine your style?

You need to rediscover your identity again. What’s your style personality? When you know who you are and play to your strengths, you have style. You need to be grounded and realistic. I have many clients who had to face major changes in their lives: they changed lifestyle, jobs, or their body shape changed. It’s difficult to give up the person you used to be.  But it’s important to know the person you are today and to love that person. The person you are today deserves to be happy.

Photo credits: Rudi Wells at Rudi Wells Fotografie

Photo credits: Rudi Wells at Rudi Wells Fotografie

Do you have male clients?

I do. In a way, it’s different, in a way it’s not. Going shopping with people it’s the same process if it’s a man or a woman. Sometimes I think that for men the decision making is easier. On the other hand, men shop basic items so the "product" is easier to find. For women, I also do more special events, and weddings so the process of buying special items is more time-consuming, more challenging. Men normally try to build a capsule wardrobe. But to think about it now, also women like capsule wardrobes. So in that sense, they aren’t that different.

Busiest time? 

During the summer months because of weddings and Christmas time because of parties. Also in the beginning of each new season, especially spring and autumn.

Why self-employed?

Timing was convenient. After I had my 2nd son I was craving for professional fulfilment. It was a thought I had for a long time but then one day I was just ready. I got everything down, got a website, a Facebook page, and just decided it was time for me to kick-start my business. You need to start from somewhere. I had this drive for me to start something of my own. It came very naturally. 


You need to be constantly out there and invest a lot of your time in networking, even at the oddest times.


Were you ever an employee?

Most of my life I was an employee. I have a bachelor’s degree in Textile and Fashion Design. I worked in retail for many years. I never worked as a designer, I was more fascinated with the retail side of the fashion business. I also worked in corporate in different roles all connected to my communication skills. Training, coaching, talking to people, comes very natural to me. 

What do you find rewarding about your job?

I like to work with people. I like to see the increasing confidence in people. I help clients to feel confident again, I help clients pass their message across in a clear and confident way. Empowering people to feel confident and happy with themselves, that’s my reward. 

Self-employment challenges?

I think being an entrepreneur fits my personality. I don’t feel like I’m struggling much with anything. What I hear from many fellow entrepreneurs is that people feel occasionally lonely. Another thing is that you need to be constantly out there and invest a lot of your time in networking, even at the oddest times. People who aren't naturally driven to presenting themselves and be out there, they might find this whole self-employment thing a bit challenging.

So is this your dream job?

I think it is. Of course, I want to do new things and develop further. I’m interested in working as a personal stylist for public figures, to enable them to pass their message also through their style. And fashion journalism is another one. I actually started as a guest fashion editor for Monique Magazine, a Dutch online publication. So I’m building my dream job.

What are you reading these days?

I got Sofi Oksanen's latest book as a present and look forward to starting it. 

Do you exercise?

Not often enough but I do my best. I recently finished an online program with Anna of Anoko Personal Training. This was the second time I joined and the results were both times amazing. I think I am the type of person who needs to exercise in the morning, otherwise, I forget.

What's your biggest fear?

I try to live my life fearlessly but as a mother, I fear that something would happen to my children. 

Future plans?

All in development. I’ll share more when it happens. 

Get in touch with Jenni.  Check out the website, or follow I on Image on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter




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