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Sofia Simeonidou

Business Story

November 2017 | Interview by Zoey Tsopela

How long do you have your company?

That's a month now.

What is it about? 

It’s about telling stories people love and connecting people, companies, and concepts. I enable people and companies to tell their story in a way that will connect them to their audience. That’s one part of what I do. 

Storyteller-Editor. A versatile job title?

Yes. I love our times, where hyphens signal combined or multidimensional job titles. Specialisation is becoming less special. There's this focus on being flexible. I like that. If someone has a great multi-skill set, then why not use everything? I have been writing a lot during my studies. I have also worked many years in a corporate environment, writing again but for a different product and audience. The first one was narrative. The second was technical copy and stakeholder and product communication. In my case, it was clear I was specialised in due diligence and product communications leaving out all the creative background I had. And that's what this job title brings back in for me and my new company.

How did it start? 

I went into banking while I was doing my master's and looking for a part-time job. A few months later I was offered a permanent contract and so I worked for different financial institutions for almost 10 years. At some point, I felt I needed to go back to writing and bring my skills to bear. For creativity's sake or because I wanted to pick up where I left off and become more of who I am. That's how it started, it was a combination of my vision to do something that matters, a bit of insecurity and some grit. I felt like I was misdirected for some reason and there was still time to find myself. I started using my project management skills to create a space that will allow me to use my talents. 

And that's what new stardom gave you?

Yes, it gave me a starting point. I created my starting point. And perspective. 

So it wasn't only writing that got you here?

No, it wasn't only writing. I can't only write. I enjoy doing it but it's not what I'm about. It makes me happy but only when I have something to say. So it's not like a kind of natural need to write. What got me here was my need to show people what they can do. That was my instant, primitive kind of thought when I started new stardom, "Look what you can do." And with that came my almost inseparable need to create and be creative, and to start something from scratch. I'm very much a project person. I enjoy starting and finishing off/ passing on something. I don't get motivated by maintenance work. 

And what do you need to have in order to ask for what you like?

Self-knowledge I think. Awareness comes from experience. So people should give it time and listen to their fears. You have to forge your own path forward and take what's yours. It took me many years to realise that and just as many years to actually do it. I still have issues with this sometimes. 

What makes the New Stardom interviews different?

The people, the interviewees. They are all very special people. And it's about the truth. There’s something liberating when people talk about their challenges. We need to talk more about our challenges and struggles. Another thing is that I'm perceptive, I'm not that detached, and perhaps this helps me to highlight things that matter over things that seem to matter. 

What's that one characteristic that you think makes you good at what you do?

I'm a sharp observer. 

Do you exercise?

Yes. I don't know who I'd be without exercise.

Do you have many friends? 

The older I get the less I invest.

What makes you angry?

The sexual abuse and harassment stories I keep reading about. And any form of injustice or abuse.

What's the most challenging part of this job?

Of being self-employed? For me, it's getting myself out there. I don't like the spotlight so much. And I definitely don't want to be everywhere. I know it sounds strange coming from someone who has 3 websites and different Social Media accounts but it's true.

So how do you promote your work?

As a new business, my first goal is people to know I exist. So far I did most of my networking offline but I'm starting to be out there online as well. It's a business now. 

What's some good advice you received?

Trust in your abilities. It takes a lot of work to silence your self-doubts.  

And future plans?

Besides delivering value to my new clients, I'm opening up New Stardom to more countries. Self-employment stories from around the world. I'm very excited about that. Publishing a book is another one. And I want to continue with my fitness stories as much as possible when I have the time. I received my 1st fitness trainer certification and I'm in training to become a yin yoga teacher so the fit sisters won't be always so touchy-feely as now. Plenty of plans, stay tuned!

Get in touch with Sofia: or visit the business page



Zoey Tsopela

Zoey is a Communications Professional focused on Global Impact, Sustainability, and CRS for organizations with their heart in the right place. Previous experience in Design, Architecture and Fashion. Currently, leading the communication efforts for scientific and medical initatives for Virology Education. Main goal: Advancing health globally through innovative programs designed for the healthcare professional.

Sofia's profile: Photo credits Luciana Blair Photography

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